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March 18, 2009

2:27 AM

DEMORI... An unpublished outtake from the Book of Love...

Some years ago while in Cathar country, I encountered an astonishingly beautiful man in Montsegur. It was summer, and so hot, and he was shirtless as he climbed. He had the letters D E M O R I tattooed across his back, from shoulder to shoulder, in letters about 5 inches high. At the summit, I encountered him again, and discovered he spoke very reasonable English - far better than my pigeon French - and I was able to ask him what the word meant.

That encounter translated into a scene from The Book of Love, which unfortunately ended up on the cutting room floor. But here is how Roland originally explained its meaning to Maureen:

“During the persecutions of the Cathars, Demori became the survival cry of our people. It means roughly, ‘I remain’ or some say ‘I remain over death’. It is based on the idea that as long as one of us is alive who can tell the truth, then the truth does not die. Following the massacres, the people used to carve it in the rocks and on the walls to let the oppressors know that they had not eliminated us completely. Over the centuries most of those monuments were destroyed by operatives working for the Church. So it became part of the coming of age ceremony of the survivors, to take the vows to continue the work while having Demori tattooed somewhere on the body as a permanent reminder, and the practice has endured for centuries. It was one thing we could control that the Church could not destroy – what was on our bodies. So we created our own monuments in the flesh. I did this with my father when I was eighteen. It used to be just the men, but a number of women are now taking up the tradition as well."

The man challenged me to "take the Demori" - which means to take a particular pledge while having the word tattooed on your body. While I have yet to commit to the ink, I have certainly committed to the cause. But in the mood I'm in today with the energies of the Montsegur anniversary pummeling me from all sides.. you never know!

DEMORI !  Listen to a sample of the song, The Cathars, by Peter & I which is part of a CD of music titled, Music of The Expected One. The CD will be available very soon.

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Thank you!!

8 Comment(s).

Posted by eva:

I have read both of your books and followed them up with as much on-line research as possible. I am at a loss for words to describe the intense hunger I have for more. I am looking for more information, words, pictures, tangible objects to connect me with what is on your editors floor. I hope to be in Europe next year, dragging my daughters on our own investigative journey. Maybe I'll bear a mark of DEMORI for identification; my girls are too young. Thank you Kathleen, Hail Ichtys!
March 31, 2009 @ 3:25 PM

Posted by carolan:

Hello Kathleen,

I have read your books with much wonder and delight. So many of the teachings within are the ones I am now living thanks to my spiritual teacher, John-Roger, and also to myself. Many years ago I said 'help' and the Prince of Peace appeared to me. this started me on the road to discovery, a road so well documented in The Book of Love.

When I read about the labyrinth, I ran to my office where there is a purple cloth on which is drawn a golden labyrinth in the center of which are a six petal rose. I gasped in awe. This is a replica of the one that is in the grounds of Prana, the church of MSIA which JR had built years ago and which we walk, some of us into the heart of God.

You are doing so much to bring the hidden truth teachings to light. Many thanks and Godbless you.

In light and love, carolan
April 19, 2009 @ 11:13 AM

Posted by Michael:

Michael asked:Is Demori Italian or French?


Demori is Occitan, the dialect of the Languedoc which is NOT French.

(web monitoring for Kathleen)
May 5, 2009 @ 1:30 PM

Posted by Eline van Leeuwen:

Music tip strait from the caves in wich the Cathars took their hiding....echos the lombrives it's available on the website of the lectorium rosicrusianum www.rozenkruis.nl there is also a wonderfull translation of the nag hammadi rolls and the holy words of Mary!
thank you for the love-web we will forfill the promiss!
June 16, 2009 @ 4:43 AM

Posted by Rev. Patricia:

The song....I couldn't stop weeping.....
The Truth Against the World.
July 30, 2009 @ 5:21 PM

Posted by marie france:

alors desolee pour les non francophones mais mon commentaire sera en français... jeviens de me passionner par les 2 premiers livres qui viennet de paraitre en france. poignant, cinglant et redonnes la vue à ceux qui ont des yeux pour voir et la 'ouie pour ceux qui ont des oreilles pour entendre.
Marie ( une autre...)
August 26, 2009 @ 9:25 AM

Posted by Nefertari:

Bonjour à toutes et tous. Kathleen je viens de finir le livre de l'amour. Toutes mes félicitations. Je dois reconnaitre qu'au début de ma lecture je fus un peu déçue mais après j'ai été absorbée par Mathilde et du coup, je reprend ma lecture en attendant le 3ème opus. Répondez moi svp, depuis le livre l'Elue, j'ai des tas de questions. J'ai un mobil dans le languedoc roussillon depuis 3 ans, ce n'est pas un hasard si je suis tombée amoureuse de coin ! Il se situe Barcarès, près de Perpignan et au mois de juin dernier, nous sommes allés à Rennes le Chateau avec ma soeur. Le jour où je pourrais je ferais tout les parcours de vos livres. Au fait, à quand la mise en image de vos livres ? Je le vois bien ça ! Merci Kathleen;)
October 14, 2009 @ 4:32 AM

Posted by Mandy NM:


Reading your books has absolutely changed my life. I was raised a Catholic and the Catholic faith was never right for me. When, at thirteen, I asked why Christ was always portrayed as a white man and my priest couldn’t give me an acceptable answer, I left the Catholic community forever (much to the dismay of my family). I always thought it was sick and disturbing how people rejoice over the death of a man. No one, not even the lowliest criminal, should have their torture and demise celebrated the way the Son of God’s is. Then, when I met the very human Jesus in your book “The Expected One” I fell in love with his story and his kindness. The story becomes so much more special and real when we see Christ as a man that heard the voice of God clearly, but still a man with the power to love his woman and children the way many good men do. Hearing about Christ as a father, a lover, and a learner made him so special to me. Suddenly, I wanted to know that man. I wanted to be like that man. I wanted (and did) cry for that man that lost his life in such a brutal, traumatizing way. For the first time, I smiled for that man and his wife when he rose from the dead.

Yet, his story is so familiar to me. Being a disenchanted ex-Catholic, I spent many years exploring other religions and found the Isis and Osiris myth very inspiring. Then I heard of Baal and Astarte, Mithras and his Goddess, and the many, many more model couples that have existed in the world before the dawn of Christianity or the birth of Christ. His and the Magdalene’s likeness to these other couples is so striking, so related, that I wonder often if Christ spent his time in Egypt learning about these others, too.

I’d like to ask you if you have read Timothy Freke’s recent work, “Jesus and the Lost Goddess” and if you could give me your perspective on his very scholarly and educated work. You see, Mr. Freke makes the claim that Jesus could never have possibly exi
December 1, 2009 @ 9:15 AM